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{ Rar•ee Show }

A small display or scene viewed in a box: Peep Show

Broadly : an unusual or amazing show or spectacle

Synonyms : circus, extravaganza, pageant, spectacle, spectacular

Behold San Francisco’s Electroswing & Neo-Vintage Cabaret and Dance Party, where Music is Medicine and Performance is Panacea!

Revel in a doubly-steeped afternoon of dancing to live DJ music, delivering you into the evening with a healthy dose of cabaret sprinkled on top.

Take in a little bit of that creative curative power. Welcome the evening while we entertain you with some of the best burlesque, variety, and circus performers in the Bay Area. Revel to the sounds of top-notch electroswing and neo-vintage DJs so you can dance your cares away into the blissful night.

Jain Dowe
Producer, Master Apothecarian

Jain Dowe is a genderfluid dancer, choreographer, burlesque performer, and event producer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. They currently perform with the Bay Area’s avant-cabaret circus company, Vau de Vire Society, psychedelic trixter clown troupe, Fou Fou Ha!, and Haus Serpens Quixotic Cabaret. As a producer, they are behind the Bay Area punk rock burlesque show Anarchy in the T&A, and gothic Americana burlesque show Gothic Americana. Currently, they are behind San Francisco’s electroswing & neo-vintage cabaret and dance party Apothecary Raree.


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